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17. Februar 2018 | WAVES Rallies as Sasha Ivanov Gives Hints on Ecosystem to Come

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Waves is a Blockchain token platform that allows the creation transfer and exchange of custom and fiat tokens and assets through the Blockchain without volatility.

The Waves liteclient will feature a Portfolio, voting area to facilitate consensus on various projects and a messaging center.

Vertrauen auch Sie Waves?

In order to access the exchange, users must download the Waves Wallet. Based on NXT's colored coin technology, Waves was built from scratch to provide new features . Waves plans to deliver a KYC and AML compliant platform with multiple Bank partnerships that will act as gateways for fiat deposits and withdrawals. Waves has recently formed a partnership with Mycelium Wallet.

Das Team hinter Waves

  • Sasha Ivanov: CEO, Founder. (TwitterLinkedIn);
  • Guy Brandon: Semantics Engineer. (Twitter);
  • Alexander Bezkrovny: Communications. (Twitter);
  • Carlos Parada: Brand Management. (Twitter);
  • Martin Spodymek: Head Community Manager. (Twitter);

Waves held its ICO on April 12, 2016. The ICO coin supply represents 85% of the total coin supply, so there was a total of 85,000,000 coins available at the offering, for an average price of 0.00035405 BTC each. The ICO raised a total of $16,010,008 (30,094 BTC) with a total of 5790 participants, and ended on May 1, 2016. The largest investor contributed 866 BTC which is equivalent to 2.87% of all Waves. The top 10 investors contributed 5,178 BTC and hold the equivalent of 17% of all Waves.

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