WAVES Rallies as Sasha Ivanov Gives Hints on Ecosystem to Come

WAVES is seeing higher market prices and renewed optimism as January sell-offs have reversed.

The WAVES platform is preparing for an active year, as recently its founder, Sasha Ivanov, released his vision about the blockchain ecosystem in a blog. He believes that blockchain technologies are on the verge of mainstream adoption, but projects have to really work on presenting visible results and use cases.

"The goal of Waves platform has always been a creation of a blockchain ecosystem targeted at real world applications, addressing the most poignant issues of the ecosystem and providing the “right here right now solution”. We are getting closer to this goal every day," wrote Ivanov.

The WAVES platform is significant for its bold attempt to unleash easy and far-reaching tokenization, but also for the challenge of establishing the credibility of digital assets, which have become numerous, but still mostly unusable.

WAVES is also trying to establish itself not as a system of payments or cryptocurrencies, but as a platform for performing transactions for the work of apps. Ivanov believes the WAVES blockchain ans Proof-of-Stake mechanism are robust enough to handle the throughput.

The week has been successful for WAVES, which now performs more strongly after sliding below $5.

Yet the recovery has been recent, and WAVES has yet to revisit its prices both in terms of dollars and in BTC. At one point, the community cheered on as the WAVES token headed to $20, but crashed soon after.

The WAVES platform has the capability of creating gateways for already established digital assets. Thus, Bitcoin trading can happen on a decentralized exchange. Recently, WAVES announced it would add gateways to several new digital assets, including Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold to be distributed in an airdrop:

The WAVES new rally may continue for a while, as the platform will present in Vienna and possibly gain more exposure. WAVES tries to straddle the gulf between being a Russian-centric platform, and being a global player.

For now, one of the appeals of the WAVES token and the related assets Waves Community Token and WavesGo are the regular airdrops and bonuses, as well as the complete in-wallet decentralized exchange.