Where can I biy Bitcoins (BTC) in Switzerland?

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Tradable values on trading platforms:

Some traders focus 100% on buying bitcoins. However, many buyers also trade stocks, currency pairs and commodities. If you want to trade other values in addition to bitcoins, you should choose a provider that makes the values you want available.

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Local Market Switzerland:


To receive bitcoins from a CH Dealer, you need a valid Bitcoin Wallet address, or a trading platform that offers them to you!

Local Bitcoins

Bitcoins | Switzerland

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Bitcoin | Ether

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Bitcoin | Ether

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Local Market Switzerland:

Advantages of crypto exchanges


Every single transaction is traceable and irretrievably stored in the blockchain.

24h availability

Your coins and deposits are available and tradable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The registration is free, depending on the provider there are different fees for the trade.